That's Brave turns challenger brands into market leaders.

We're a brand strategy agency full of creatively led brand building rapscallions.

We’re a strategic branding agency for start-ups, challengers & brave business leaders who don’t want to just build handsome brands, but shape reputations.

Do you understand what your brand stands for? If not, then rest assured your customers certainly don’t. Now more than ever, brands are being questioned, not only what they do but more importantly how and why they do it. If you and your brand aren’t prepared to move with the times, the times just might start to move without you.

Without a strong sense of purpose your future journey will seem like an uphill struggle. By clearly defining your market position and who you truly are on the inside, the brand building, marketing and pretty things on the outside will become far simpler.

We're here to help bring clarity to your brand in our own 'brave' way. We focus on understanding your business and its unique challenges. Helping to build your brand to be a leader – not a follower, crafting an authentic message that your customers will trust and ultimately drive business growth.

What stage are you at with your brand?


Without some brutal honesty we’ll not be able to truly understand you and communicate your unique approach that resonates with your customers.

You ask yourself some tough questions in business, but you need an agency who asks tougher. Why do you exist, who for, and why should they care would be a good start. 


Brave might be the way we ask challenging questions, or equally it’s the way we’re prepared to look at different avenues to find a unique position in your marketplace

You’ll need to be a lucky brand if you copy your market leader and expect to grow bigger and quicker. Luck isn't a good brand strategy, but building a strategy around who you truly are, is. Once we’ve discovered who you truly are and found the core values of your brand, everything in the future will be based on a solid foundation that you’ll come back to, time and time again.


Have you ever disagreed with your partner when they’ve suggested “you’ll look lovely in that shade of teal”? You know your personal brand and what’s inside. 

It’s the same when branding your company, and that’s why it’s important that people know who you are on the inside, so they can buy into you. Once you understand the internal brand, deciding how to dress the outside is far simpler. We won’t help you pick a lovely new frock though, but are here to dress you with a new logo, a new colour palette, bold typography or whole visual ID wrapped up in a brand book.


You’ve been honest and discovered a lot about yourself and your brand, you’ve turned that into a unique proposition and importantly able to express why you’re here and how you’re going to play. 

Now it’s time to get out there and build your brand across the cosmos. You’ll want an agency who spot opportunities and who don’t force ideas down a single avenue. We take opportunities by the horns and use the best media to solve the problem. We’ll find solutions to your problems, not find problems for our solutions.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Your brand, no matter what shape it’s in, won’t thrive if it stands still, it will just get out of shape! Brand building is essential in combating challenges and driving your business forward.

“The big change in the last decade is that businesses no longer see brand as another word for logo, but as a set of principles guiding the business. The corporate brand is now being used to transform corporate culture, to simplify and standardise core business processes, and to integrate diverse global organisations around a unifying sense of common business purpose.”

The role of brand in the success of any business is far greater today than ever before. For successful companies in this new world of business, brand is no longer the sole responsibility of a marketing department, it is the key anchor and inspiring driver in business strategy and planning.

Brand is the consistent ‘single source of truth’ of progressive organisations – a visceral expression of their principles, beliefs and purpose – their raison d’être.

Value beyond a logo

We believe that an authentic brand, created in its fullest sense and embedded at the heart of a business, can become a key driver of success for any organisation.

Well crafted, it will of course achieve competitive advantage, but when truly reflective of a collective attitude at the heart of an organisation, the influence and benefits reach way beyond marketing.

From garage start-ups to disruptive challengers and industry leading heavyweights, the horizon is getting blurred between a myriad of communication channels and you need to know what to say, to who, when and where. A good strategy isn’t always knowing what to do, it’s knowing what not to do.

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Are you ready to take on your market leader?

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