What do we mean by branding. We don’t mean a logo, not even a hot iron applied to the side of livestock. Branding is the personification of a product or service that is distinguishable by a unique proposition. Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon famously said, 

‘your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room’. 

A brand is like a barrier to your competition. Without one, your a commodity. If thats the case, your product will purely driven on price… nothing else!

Brand is at the core of everything we do and provides the catalyst for creating its face. The face being the name, logo, digital, design, advertising, packaging, pr etc. More important to us is making sure we build and develop brands that have the base of the brand in hand. The base of the brand is what and how it makes you feel, the culture, mission, vision, value, leadership and management. 

We don’t just build brand but develop them too. Some brands know where there going and are making good inroads to getting there so we help to fit right in and aid their journey. We’re not here to rip up the blueprint because we didn’t think of it. it’s whats got you where you are and we’re big enough to know whats right and support brands that are clearly breaking new grounds in their respected industries.

With startups and diversifying brands, getting to the core is imperative but in-between this and established companies sits a common group of confused brands. Quite typically this can be a result of success but in growing, not everyone is a good fit if you don’t know why you exist. We’ve helped companies that struggle to appear different in a packed market place or have complex messages to communicate. Very commonly is successful companies who have large communities of employees and associates who need to understand the company direction, or finally there can be a disconnect between what you and others say about your business. With any of these common issues which brands have, we develop a brand book. This is like a bible, although slightly less pages, it tells a clear and concise story for taking the brand forward.

To get to a brand book it all starts in our laboratory. Many call it a workshop, but why would you when you can call it a lab! Be rest assured, this lab is Bunson Burner safe so no brands will end up in flames. We’ve got a process, why not, we’re brave, not stupid! On the day we created our process we must have liked the letter ‘D’ as its split into three phases, ‘discover’, ‘define’ and ‘deliver’. 

Our discover phase involves spending the afternoon/day with us going through your brand in great detail using various exercises to pull out all the information needed. This enables us to produce the ‘What’, ‘How’ and, more importantly, ‘Why’ of your brand. 

After analysis of the days outcomes we can put together the mission statement, Values and Vision of your brand. The mission statement is a description of what you do, your purpose and whom for. What, how, who, where and why. Your values are what your business stands for. With every business decision it should reference the brand values and uphold these at all times. The vision is the goal and the reason you get out of bed in the morning. 

We like to call it a lab as its more than a talk at process and a place where all business stakeholders can openly discuss and get involved in a more interactive process. We can’t promise that we won’t draw around one of your team or ask you to write your future in your industries leading publication. All Pablo Picasso impersonations to support your article are greatly encouraged.

The define phase is the calm after the storm. We’ll go away with a huge amount of notes, soundbites and memories, ready to craft your positioning statement, strapline, customer/competitor analysis, elevator pitch, tone of voice and backstory. Along with the positioning statement which explains the what, how, who, where, why & when, we craft a strapline to communicate the businesses unique value proposition.

The second stage of the ‘define’ phase is to write the elevator pitch which can be written and spoken, the tone of voice which is what to say and how, and the back story which is an emotive history of the brand to connect with your audience in the future.

Going forward, our 360˚ creatively led fluid team means we’re perfectly placed to build on the brand work though what we like to call the ‘delivery’ phase. From our studio we have a core team of creative designers, copywriters, strategists and project managers, combined with a select group of consultants so we can tailor all creative outputs. 

As part of the ‘delivery’ phase in the brand we present creative across the logo or marque, fonts, colours and imagery. This is agreed at the time but to present these ideas we chose deliverables like advertising and web to portray our ideas. This generally depends on the business but they prove to be a good expression of the creative.

To understand more about the individual elements which go to make our offering and to see the brand projects we’ve built, please take a look through our work and see more That’s Brave.

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