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Design, what does that mean exactly? Well, for us, it’s not kitchens or wallpaper, but all manor of print and digital products. From printed material like brochures, glossy magazines, business stationery, posters, flyers and direct mail campaigns, through to digital creation of advertising, websites, eNewsletters and presentations.

Design for print was where we got our feet under the table. Some of the team would even be able to reminisce about a distant time before computers, just like the days when they used to have hair! It’s some of these practical skills and deep understanding of type and print production that really gives us an edge and ability to push ideas further in modern print. We were rolling with the uncoated papers and letterpress way before the masses flocked.

Print is a passion and unlike what most people thought when the digital world looked certain to wipe print off the face of the earth, many of our clients still favour this form of communication. You just can’t recreate the physical emotions of holding a well crafted printed piece in your hands.

For us, design is far from standing still. You need to be the one following all the trends, or better still, setting them! This is why, even for our love of print, the journey has been split and with the strong emergence of digital design, we’ve very much found our agency being able to embrace endless possibilities that it brings.

We wouldn’t be That’s Brave if we didn’t want to look for new ideas and ways to tackle problems. The idea of presenting a corporate brochure on gloss laminate has been less popular due to the rise of more tactile papers and recycled stocks where companies steve to present eco credentials. An idea that we embrace is taking eco even further and combining both digital and print together. The endless possibilities digital brings can truly heighten the immersive possibilities of print and even a humble flyer can turn into a truly eye catching piece.

Design doesn’t have to be print or digital, it could easily be both. We say we think differently and that couldn’t be truer than in the way we tackle design challenges. Typically an idea to present a brand catalogue for a fashion retailer would be to design beautiful pages and show models elegantly wearing the clothes. This is possibly the limit to print and even with interesting stocks, finishes and colours, you’re not able to recreate the immersive engagement that can be presented with digital. Video screens have got smaller over the years, just like the first 32” flat screens which took over a modest living room. The problem, even with a video screen is that they can’t move and need to be designed into the page and thats rather restrictive.

Augmentative reality is a big step in blurring the lines of print and digital within design and we love being able to combine the two beautifully together. Rather than a typical fashion catalogue, we like to introduce augmentative reality to create layers and literally bring the page to live with live streamed videos. Simply, imagine looking at a beautiful dress hanging off a model leaning up against a palm tree on an exotic island, its hard to imagine, let alone know how the dress would look on you. With an augmentative function built into a brand app, you could scan any image which is ‘scannable’ and your phone would present live content. Now you’ll see that same dress presented in virtual space over the top of the magazine, presenting a woman wearing the dress down the runway. Your presenting the same content, just thinking differently and that’s just what we’re about.

Having the courage to utilise technology and present ideas differently. Good ideas don’t cost anymore than bad ones, so what have you got to loose.

To find out more about the design work we’ve done in print and digital, please take a look through our work and see more That’s Brave.

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