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Here at That’s Brave we admire anything out the ordinary. And when the word Guerrilla is ever mentioned within the design industry, the thought of innovative, strange and wonderful instruments spring to mind. In an ever increasing world of branding, advertising and social media – sometimes an evoking piece of marketing can trigger something tremendous. 

Ernesto Che Guevara once described Guerilla warfare as a method built on raids and ambush attacks during the 1960s. Since then, marketers have adapted onto this concept in a more humane way of gaining mass effects at low expenses and it has increasingly become more popular. We aren’t going to bore you with statistics.* It seems pretty obvious that advertising messages just aren’t catching on like they used to and the power of persuasion is dying a slow, old fashioned death. Consumers are wary of the repetitive messages and benefits so simply disengage with most of it. Consumers look for a following, an experience and a personal approach. This is where Guerrilla marketing steps in. 

*We knew you couldn’t resist! According to research, consumers are exposed to approximately 3,000 advertising messages in one day. Now that is a lot of information to digest. 

We rather enjoy the thought of innovative and eye-catching methods in a bid to create a conceptual buzz. If it involves solutions which seem atypical, flexible and dynamic – we’re in. It may all sound a little mad and in fact, it is. But it doesn’t have to be out the question. Guerrilla marketing is known for being a budget friendly approach and sometimes consumers are just looking for a repurpose. For example, guerrilla content focuses on how you can repurpose existing material by taking particular segments and expanding each one. 

Brands are springing up left right and centre and the rise in personalisation and cult like fashions mean audiences are scrolling past traditional marketing techniques. At a glance it may appear that these unconventional marketing techniques are better suited to large businesses with huge budgets and high technology. However, guerrilla marketing doesn’t ask you to spend endless amounts but instead it looks at time, knowledge and imagination. The technique requires low cost or sometimes even no cost. And although it may seem niche, there is plenty more to expand on. 

Guerrilla marketing stands for many sub sections of strange and wonderful things. Ambient being one that us Bravers have a weak spot for. Ambient marketing involves placing adverts on unusual items or within unusual places. It doesn’t necessarily have to push a product or a service, but if it gets people talking about your brand name or product then this has a lasting impact in the minds of consumers. We aren’t talking about rebellion and conflict but in fact the idea of raising brand awareness without interrupting anything. Sometimes all it takes is a light bulb moment to create a high impact push with very little involved. The Economist did just that with their light bulb billboard advert, making it stand out from the clutter of the cityscape. The light bulb would illuminate every time a passer by walked by, simple yet intriguing. 

Any business can use Guerrilla marketing and unconventional techniques to create a buzz, attract attention and increase brand awareness. Sometimes it pays to sit back and wonder why you are here and what you are wanting to achieve. Surprise your customer, make an imprint in their mind and watch people follow your way of life. 

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