Wright or Wrong!

2nd July 2018

Tell me, tell me. Not what, but why!


As a brand today you’ll probably have told everyone what you do, but how many of you have told people why you do it? I guess it’s the latter that makes getting up in the morning easy? A key to how a great brand becomes great is how they market and communicate this passion. It’s this passion that people buy, the emotional connection that they have with you and your brand. Once this connection is made they become an advocate and suddenly you’re not just a commodity and decisions towards your brand are less rational.

The biggest brands in the world have one common thought and that’s telling the story of why. They want to attract people who believe what they believe rather than what it is that they do.

A common brand people can relate to is Apple. We all know Apple products are expensive yet we feel drawn to want one, even when we can buy something similar for half the price. Apple would rather tell you how their product can make your life better, then go on to tell you what the product does. It’s this emotional lead in the marketing which is important to get brand buy-in.

One of the most impactful brands wasn’t a product at all, but two brothers called Orville and Wilbur. Known as the Wright brothers these two were the first to achieve powered, sustained and controlled airplane flight. In 1903 there was a great race to become the first but surprisingly it was these two brothers who achieved it first. They didn’t have the best facilities, infact they didn’t have a lot going for them which makes it more surprising as to why they won. The big difference between these two and everyone else trying was that they were doing it to improve and create a new way of travel, where as everyone else was doing it for the fame and money.

People wanted to work with Orville and Wilbur because they believed what they believed. They understood why they wanted to do it and that fitted exactly with why people wanted to help them. Money maybe a result of being a good brand but not the focus of being a great one.

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