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This is how we like to do things around here.

Does your industry need a disruptive rapscallion?

Like all agencies, we have our own brand process. It’s just the way we like to do things. Think of a deep bowl of strategy firmly mixed with intensive creative sauce.

We’re not all individual layers but an interwoven, fully immersive creative beast. Our discover, define, deliver process is key to how we build sucessful brands.

Our lab

We use our laboratory to draw
out the 'What', 'How' and most
importantly the 'Why' of your brand.
We'll use those as the foundations of
the brand development.


  • What's your vision and why do you matter?

  • How will your mission change things for the better?

  • Your values are what you stand for?

  • Get audience insight and understand the range of stakeholders.

  • Competitor reviews understand the competitive context.

  • Customer research is frequently a good source of insight - particularly into brand differences and identity. They may also speak more freely to us than to you.


  • We will work up a positioning statement and definition of the ideal market positioning

  • We will present ideas for expressing the brand in a single strapline

  • Our elevator pitch is a compelling story that can be consistently promoted

  • Defining the brand tone of voice ensures you deliver a consistent 'personality' in communications


  • The logo or marque people associate with the brand

  • Headline & body fonts for use in print and digital

  • Light & dark colour contrasts in CMYK, RGB & HEX

  • Photographic, illustrative or typographic imagery

  • Collection of all the outputs of the process in a brandbook

Brand, brand, brand. But we can start just about anywhere.

We might create brands but we enjoy developing them just as much. You’re probably doing just great and just need assistance with a digital campaign or need fresh ideas to generate new business.

We have a fluid 360˚creative team, combining our core creatives with a hand-picked group of specialist consultants to tailor to all creative outputs. And everybody pays for their own sandwiches. Cool, huh?

As a full-sevice agency we are purveyors of:


Digital is the upward trend in advertising and a digital presence is crucial. We can build anything from a single page micro-site to a fully functional, content-managed system. We’ll even look at your search engine optimisation and social media integration, creating more opportunities for customers to notice you, and for you to talk to them.

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Just like an artist, no photographer is the same - everyone sees different opportunities. Our photographers work directly with the creative team at concept stage so we can push ideas and your brand further. This way we can develop a family of photography for advertising or presentations that work as a suite rather than a randomly picked crop of images from a stock library.

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It’s a passion. For us, print has changed over recent years and now our designers are fully fledged eco-advocates. We're always looking into new techniques and effects to fully express our design flair. We then work with range of FSC accredited printers who work just as hard as us to rise to the challenge.

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How are people going to understand why they should buy what you do if you don’t understand it yourself. You need to craft a message for your business that communicates a unique proposition that your business can build on. Better still, get us to, and come down for a day at the Laboratory for a discovery session. *Warning* big ideas may be present!

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Guerrilla / Ambient

From design to PR, we look at things from an ambient perspective. These days, with messages everywhere, we try harder to make your communications more memorable. The unconventional but highly imaginative approach of guerrilla throws out the rules and aims to target people unexpectedly and cause a buzz, or create an idea that could become viral on YouTube.

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It starts by listening and researching to create a brief with a unique proposition. We then brainstorm and develop those ideas into something unique that jumps out: campaigns and ads that communicate in memorable ways. With our guerrilla heads on, we try and combine our advertising with an ambient approach, adding a surprise element the audience didn’t expect.

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Social Media

Pints of ale aren’t enough these days. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube - social media is a great and immediate way to communicate and interact with customers. We use social media as key tools in the ongoing success of our marketing campaigns. It has a particularly powerful impact with our guerrilla work, generating buzz and brand recognition.

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