Turn your back on convention

In 1968, high jumper Dick Fosbury did just that.
He dismissed the 'Western Roll' technique by quite literally turning his back on it. This broke the Olympic record with a method known as the ‘Fosbury Flop’. Point made.

Approaching a problem differently can have surprising results: Great ideas don’t cost any more than bad ones and have more success.

This was the Olympic high jump technique recorded since the time of the Greeks and Romans, probably. The record stood at 5’8” in 1967 and was achieved by crossing the bar parallel (sword removed) with the body in a roll. In other words, high jumping the accepted way.

As you take off from the ground, turn your body away from the bar, bring your legs up and flip backwards over it, arching your body. Bloody simple, very effective and still being used by Olympians today. Well done Dick, get thee to the That’s Brave hall of fame. We like you.