Graphic designers, copywriters, photographers and illustrators - you’ll discover some very talented individuals in East Anglia. Some have worked for top design and ad agencies in London, New York and beyond. So they tend to know what they’re on about.

Our freelance associates are experts in their fields: Design, Photography or abseiling down a building with your logo clenched in their teeth. We like to call them our ‘Braves’. They’ve even won awards.

We call in the associate ‘Braves’ to work on projects where specific expertise is relevant to the job. And because our staffing model is organic and adaptable, we keep our overheads low. So we can quote more competitively on jobs, making your marketing budget go a lot further.

Meet the team. Just a few
of the ‘Braves’ who are
outstanding in their field.


Creative Partner

A love of typography, the letterpress, Adnams bitter and action sports (but not at the same time) usually keeps him off the streets. He has also worked in top London and New York branding agencies and finds the mix of the city and the countryside creatively inspiring.


Creative Partner

Trained in the art of bold type, full bleed
and a world-renowned mannequin tamer.
A true guerrilla (but more handsome) who’s aiming for the unconventional. With an ambient approach, he discovers unique and engaging concepts that play on the surroundings.


Creative and copywriter

Press, radio, TV and ambient advertising man. Learnt his craft at Lowes where he was regularly beaten with a stick until he produced fantastic ideas and good copy. Moved on to M&C Saatchi working on an array of famous brands. Likes David Hockney, cats and rusty old cars.



If you're looking for photos of people or
even locations, look no further than
Sylvaine. Not afraid to try something
different, she really will do anything to shoot the best angle. See Sylvaine's work on her website:



Raised in the wild by caring, loving
wolves, Rob dropped out of university
to pursue an internship at That's Brave. Between building websites and writing copy, he's apparently in too much of a hurry to stand up straight and take a good photo.


Account Manager

After an 8 year stint in England, Lizzie
moved to her second home of Menorca
to start a design agency to bring a bit of Barcelona to the Balearics. Her clients include B&Q, British Museum and Sunseeker. She has a love of photography and finds Perlita, her dog, a great creative inspiration.


Mail Man (Boy)

Loves food and walks - one is generally followed by the other. We like to think of
him as our almost-human internal postboy. He has an enviable knack of sorting the post, only chewing the invoices. Currently no postman have been harmed by his bite which is surprising when you look at him.


Account Manager

Hayley is the suit at That’s Brave. With 10 years' experience in administration and events organisation, she's worked across a multitude of different sectors including education, hospitality and international events. Originally coming from an arty background Hayley can translate a vision and idea into a workable, billable brief.


Photographer, Online Communication

Out of Central St Martins, Piotr has
recently produced an online art magazine, and has worked with many famous clients including Alexander McQueen. His latest move is into online communication and other new media which he thinks will prove to be as powerful as the telephone!

Stanley, Elvis & Barry

Office Mannequins

How else would we present our work
in the office? It beats placing it on a shelf; were more creative than that! We can't say they've ever told us a good joke, but at
least it's someone to talk to when were working late.


Creative and copywriter

With over 10 years experience running
his own agency, Joe decided to loose himself from the structured, corporate life and find some much-needed balance and freedom – an unstructured creative mind is more productive. When he isn't under a bonnet of a classic car, we usually find him on the bank of a river chasing Trout.



Our resident computer genius. You'll have to bribe him with curly wurlys if you want to
talk geek speak. Come to think of it, you'll have to bribe us with curly wurlys if you want to talk to him. Curly wurlys all round, then.


Moving Image

After years of running the video
department that he formed at a top West End ad agency Rob started Strike Digital, a video production company that produces trailers, promos and adverts across all broadcast and online platforms. He is also a lover of the Custard Cream.