How do you present a brand spirit
across a diverse range of properties?

National Trust

Regional visitors guide


Seen as a bit of a UK institution, the National Trust is loved by the nation, and sometimes revered by property locals. More than any other, the trust works tirelessly to preserve and protect the famous places and spaces that make up these isles.

The East is blessed with over 20 historic sites ranging from Sutton Hoo, an Anglo-Saxon burial site, to Hatfield forest, the best preserved medieval hunting forest in the world.

With such diverse destinations across multiple counties, how do you encourage more property visitors.

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Big idea.

East of England National Trust is split into Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. Properties across all regions were previously presented in a booklet format which instantly failed to engage.

The big idea was to open up the counties into a big map. This highlighted how the booklet format didn’t work: nearby properties situated in different counties might find themselves at total opposite ends of the booklet.

We wanted to promote the information in a more interesting but clearer way. By colour coding the counties and showing the properties across the county line, giving members a greater opportunity to plan trips and move around the region.

The map was split into two – Norfolk/Suffolk and Essex/Cambridgeshire/Hertfordshire. On each side an area was included showing properties that were nearby but in the areas shown overleaf, this ensured that people wouldn’t miss out.

“We’ve got to know That’s Brave really well over the last few years, which has really helped us to work together. They’re great creative minds and get you to think outside of the box. They have fresh ideas and a great style and they quickly understood the balance between bringing out individual characteristics of our properties, whilst staying true to the National Trust brand.”

Sally Hodges, Marketing & Communications Consultant


The idea to progress the leaflet and develop it into a map style has really helped engage the public. The format change and presentation has really encouraged multi trips to neighbouring properties and created a informative travel map too. Because this regional visitors guide does touch upon all of the region, it has really helped the individual properties and worked so well it almost does the job of their own guides. Evidence can be seen by the regularity that this guide is restocked at information points.

280,000 regional visitors guides

500,000 property leaflets printed in one year

28 bespoke illustrations

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