empowering imagination through scent.

Startup brand Loggique are scent-blenders and producers of luxury lifestyle products, such as candles, hand washes and moisturisers. They came to us wanting an exciting brand that encapsulates the process as well as the ethos of the company.
Working closely with the Loggique team we produced a brand that portrayes the chemistry between people and scent, as well as the technical skill involved in scent-blending. Mixing bass, mid and high notes to create that special blend that can evoke a memory of a special event or holiday through to just making you feel warm inside on a cold winters night. 

We worked with Loggique on:

Visual Identity

Copywriting + Tone

Website Design + Development


Packaging + Merchandise


Loggique falling test tubes

The periodic table together with the clean environment of a laboratory were the inspiration for the Loggique visual brand. Contemporary and uncluttered branding leaving the fragrance to the talking, well smelling anyway.

From personal scents for the home to weddings, through to scent branding for global companies. Loggique makes you question why the scents you choose are an expression of your identity as well as an influence on mood or emotion. These products are organic, beautiful and free from all the nasties that other similar brands contain. Also, importantly to us, they are Palm oil and paraben free.


PART alchemy, part chemistry.

The start of the journey begins in the Loggique ‘Lab’. Blending high, mid and base notes to make the perfect fragrance, evoking emotions – be it adventure, sophistication or calmness.

Loggique testers

“It was great to find a specialised branding agency in Ipswich rather than having to travel to London to find one. Fabulous team of creatives who think out of the box and push you into uncomfortable zones that then prove to absolutely work! Would trust these guys with my life!”

Pauline | Loggique


The Loggique mark is very clean, clinical and represents scientific formulas and elements from the periodic table.

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