Transforming the transformation agency.

We Know Data create bespoke software solutions that simplify business process, improve efficiency and increase profitability. After 10 years of digital wizardry they wanted to mark the occasion with a new visual identity and website experience.

We worked with We Know Data on:

Visual Identity


Web design & development


We developed the focus of the logo's dots so they acted less as a pause and expressed We Know Data's explosive and energetic digital transformation.

Technology Branding Agency

no geek speak around here. Straight talking developers with a straight talking brand identity.

In an industry full of cliche images, we chose to represent the products and services of We Know Data with bold shapes and symbols. These basic geometric shapes and patterns were inspired by the link between mathematics and the data brand message.

We decided to represent the agencies straight talking and uncomplicated communication style with a single bold and energetic social blue tone. The Visual Identity was then finished with a sprinkling of dots and dashes to add a secondary pop of colour which represented the data in the brand logo marque.

This is the start of the quote if its just crazy long.

"That's brave did a bloody fantastic job. Top bob scores all around. The new brand even converted a potential client over the line in its first week. Top marks you rapscallions!"

Jess | We Know Data

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