Messaging for the global insurance market.

As the largest handler of commercial ACORD messages, Web Connectivity Ltd is the consistent connection across the global insurance market. Its software gateway supports an array of applications which variously increase the speed, accuracy, and reliability of insurance transactions.

WCL needed a brand positioning that could communicate their value to clients and technical solutions in an easy, conversational style.

We worked with Web Connectivity on:

Brand Strategy

Copywriting + Tone

Visual Identity


Website Design + Development

Video + Animation

That's Brave WCL Mosaic

closer connections for business.

The visual interpretation of their brand idea is both meaningful and strikingly different from typical insurance imagery. Nor does it rely on familiar scientific or technology visual ideas. It is also an abstract form although it had a figurative beginning…

The abstract patterns are created by drawing two paths. The paths were intended to illustrate the wave forms of voices in a conversation. By colouring each line differently and linking the two paths we created a 3-D look to the visuals with graduated stroke colours.

The idea initially was to represent two parties in a continuous stream of transactions. Each follows its own path, but they are symbiotic. WCL operates in the space between them, making their ‘connections’ clearer.

As a graphic element it is flexible as new forms can quickly be created keeping the visual idea fresh as well as distinctive.


That's Brave WCL mobile

"That's Brave have taken us on a collaborative and fundamentally rewarding experience that has enabled us to redefine our value to Clients and communicate technical solutions in an easy, conversational style."

Ian | Web Connectivity

The logo visualised the improved flow and continuous connection in a strong and unique marque.

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