What's retargeting and why should I do it?

27th September 2018

It’s a mystery, or is it?

You’ve probably all heard of Pay Per Click (PPC), and have been bored by companies selling SEO with the same old line ‘I’ll get you onto page one of google’ a hundred times; page one for what? Five legged zig zag patterned cats!

Don’t get me wrong, PPC and SEO are amazingly powerful and can be money well spent if you go with the right agency. We’ve had some of our best results from these streams, but there’s one thing they have in common… they’re not cheap so it’s not for everyone.

What if you could generate more business at a fraction of the cost, something every brand should have in their strategy, not just online shops… everyone! We all want to get more exposure, brand building and make more sales and what better way than to talk to people who have already shown an interest. We all appreciate how hard cold calling can be but take a warm audience and your chances are far greater.

Have you ever visited a website, debated over some snazzy brogue shoes or a pretty party dress, only to get distracted or think twice? You leave the site and you strangely see an advert for it in your social feed a little later, maybe even the next day. If you have clicked the advert, you’re not the only one.

We call this retargeting and it’s something all businesses should be doing. It’s not just for shops, but can work brilliantly in business to business too. All business people are also consumers, so to think of Social media not being for your target market, might be a little hasty. It’s not business to consumer or business to business, its people to people.

We’ve probably all been called up by a publication offering a crazy cheap last minute ad placement, but think again, what if you used that budget for retargeting. This way you can reach people who have already proved themselves to be interested in your product or service.

Retargeting starts with setting a tracking pixel on your website. This tracks everyone who visits the site or specific page and stores their movements. When these people leave the site the magic starts and the stored data is used to advertise information based specifically on what the visitor was looking at.

A tracking pixel is no big deal and people have been using it to boost posts and generally build ad groups for years but very few use this retargeting trick. You’re only paying to advertise to people who have been on your site, so it’s as targeted as an olympic archer, and done well can turn a website browser into a sale.

So what are you waiting for?

Well it’s a very simple idea but you’re going to need to write a great headline and a call to action, not to mention a catchy image or video. This is where we come in.

We’ve had great successes with retargeting which we always implement alongside our SEO and PPC campaigns.

A good example of ours is a startup clothing company who initially started a basic Facebook and Instagram retargeting campaign to customers who visited their site. They have light traffic at the moment so the pool of targets is quite limited but still generated a large profit. In the last month for £100.68 spent on ads, they received £1225.97 in revenue that would otherwise be missed.

If this isn’t a reason to get on with retargeting, i don’t know what is. The beauty is, once its setup, the only maintenance is adjusting the offers occasionally.

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