How does a big fish in a small pond, grow
in to a bigger fish in the big smoke.

Piney's of Orford

Wholesale business growth


Suffolk-based restaurant and smokehouse Pinney’s of Orford, a producer and supplier of high-end smoked foods, approached us eager to expand their business, but unsure where to start.

Well known locally and by foodies in-the-know, Pinney’s were eager to grow, but only to selected retailers which suited its artisinal brand. Rather than go national the desire was to be available in prestigious food retailers and restaurants throughout London.

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Big idea.

The Pinney’s story began almost 60 years ago down at Butley Creek where the family began by restorning the derelict oyster beds on the river.

This prompted the idea to send a selection of fine Pinney’s produce via an oyster or lobster cage straight to to the retaliers. Not all brands have such a strong story so presenting the produce in such a way was ideal to promote the heritage and artisinal nature.

Due to requiring chilled tempuratures, a cooled hamper of produce was sent along with a carefully crafted brand story product catalogue.

Images of Pinney’s history were key to telling the story.

From 1959 when the family spent time replenishing the oyster beds, to this modern day of smoking a range of salmon, fish, paté and fine meats, all available online and via their acclamied resturant. These images of their history were littered around the brochure breaking up the products and tieing the flow so readers could get a real feel for the brand.

The rustic touch of the brochure added to the artisinal nature and gave a real sense of quality.


“That’s Brave were diligent in getting to know our company and gaining a better understanding of what we needed. They were efficient in applying their creative magic, energy and professionalism. The work couldn’t have been better.”

Jodie Pinney - Director


Pinney’s is now stocked in some of Londons finest restaurants and retailers, including Fortnum & Mason. Harrods and Tate Modern, bringing a huge success to the project. Its profile has increased massively but in a controlled way that means Pinney’s can still deliver the amazing taste it always has done from its own smokehouse. This was key so they didn’t loose their unique story by growing too much on a commercial scale.

eNews open rate 35%

Website visits up 72%

18 hampers delivered

Three of three key suppliers won

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