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Web Connectivity

Messaging for the global insurance market


As the largest handler of commercial ACORD messages, Web Connectivity Ltd is the consistent connection across the global insurance market.

WCL’s ‘enabled’ solutions provide the means by which messages, notifications and queries can be exchanged in a structured format despite being generated using different applications. Leading to a secure and scalable way of updating existing systems into an automated world, making each and every process stronger and faster.

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Big idea.

Business is much easier when we're all talking the same language. WCL's software brings everyone closer together —improving the flow of business information and creating stronger relationships between brokers and carriers.

Closer connections for business represents this collaboration and in turn joins up the communication which helps the whole market perform better.

The wave symbolises the improved upstream delivery provided by WCL, flowing between brokers and carriers in a smooth and automated conversation.

Each exchange between carriers can lead to a change of flow but always continues to be connected. The lines within the wave represent the layers and how these are structured no matter how many twists and turns the process takes. 

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