bean-to-bar craft chocolate.

Inspired by Thomas Tosier, personal chocolate maker to King George I, Tosier Chocolatemaker is an award winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Suffolk.

The brand needed a craft presence to sit in the bean-to-bar community, but confidently communicate the origin of the beans and their distinctive flavours.

We worked with Tosier Chocolate on:

Visual Identity



Packaging + Merchandise

chocoholics... think like sommeliers.

The cocoa beans are sourced directly from the farmers – so there is a full transparency and a positive financial impact on the local community. Created in small batches, the final chocolate has only three ingredients – cocoa beans, unrefined organic cane sugar and cocoa butter.

The beans are sourced in micro-batches, meaning each single origin cacao is unique in flavour. Like a fine wine, you wouldn’t expect a French to taste the same as an Australian, this is just the same with chocolate. The communication of this was key to enable a greater appreciation of the genetics and terroir of the chocolate.

"We really enjoyed working with That’s Brave on our branding. The final designs – a distillation of much work – were really successful and our branding and packaging has given us a real stand-out in an increasing crowded market.”

Deanna | Tosier

Tosier Chocolates That's Brave project

The logo visualised a cocoa pod in a craft lino cut style mirrored by elegant and characterful ligatures in the type expressing the influential Thomas Tosier period.

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