4 signs it's time to re-brand

20th July 2018

4 signs it’s time to re-brand

Sometimes a company realises it needs to create a new lease of life and seizes the opportunity to rebrand, whether it’s to create a snazzy new image or push away potential future threats. There are some key signs that may mean it could be time for a rebrand.

In this instance, it might not be a large-scale global makeover and most of the time, we don’t always notice branding changes as consumers. Some are more subtle transformations and some can represent a huge effort to shift a consumers perception or highlight a company’s progression in a flooded or evolving market. Is it time for your company to consider a re-brand?


When you want to change old perceptions

A famous rebrand that is spoken throughout branding literature is the remodel of the famous luxury fashion house, ‘Burberry’. In the early millennium it became increasingly linked to a culture that was far from aristocratic. Hard to believe for such a global luxury brand, but this was a huge issue for Burberry.

In order to solve the problem, Burberry didn’t go back to the drawing board with a new logo but built a story around the history and authenticity, reinforcing their brand alignment. Suddenly consumers were admiring the luxury brand for the well crafted, forward thinking fashion it was producing, with uncomfortable perceptions well in the past.


When an evolving market becomes a threat

A rebrand can be pretty inevitable when you are working in a competitive and ever changing market. This is quite often the case with companies in the technology sector, where technology advances and cutting edge knowledge could leave you left behind. Sometimes you may need to step away from the pack and differentiate your brand with new, appealing qualities and values.

Apple did just that by creating a positive experience right through from the technology to the brands shop experience. Consumers today, not only follow Apple for the technology they apply to the products, but also the creative cult that surrounds their products.


When you want to target a new demographic

Sometimes to keep afloat it is a necessity to rebrand and target a new sector that is interested in your product. This is what makes a brand relevant and relatable. Taking advantage of market research and capitalising on a new demographic can be great for company growth.   


When you outgrow your original mission.

The desire for a new name often comes up in conversation when discussing the rebranding process. Many companies start with a mission and grow successfully on that vision, however to be a successful brand you need to grow and adapt to changing times. There are many famous brands throughout history that have successfully changed their names to reinstate their current and future mission.

Think of WPP who recently merged together five of its design consultancies under the name of Superunion. The idea of ditching the individual brands was a bid to create one brand which would enable more opportunities for both clients and employees. In this instance, the new name was a great way to signal the change and power of the rebrand, adding vibrant colours and imagery to push the feeling of optimism and pairing.

What is important to consider is there is no such thing as a stable market. It is inevitable that as a brand you will need to adapt or die. However, in most instances there is no need to change your whole brand but transform and build onto a successful element.

For more information about how we go about the branding process, see our style page or see some of our finished projects. 

Article by Rachael. 

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