A guerrilla frame of mind

24th July 2018

The brands we love

Marketing is pretty much one of the most important things any business can do. Not only does it promote your business, it teaches people why you get out of bed in the morning and educates your followers on how you plan to rule the world. From jumping on board user generated content to full on launching a fake art exhibition at the V&A, it is quite clear marketing doesn’t have to play it safe. Sometimes it can pay off to be a little weird and get people intrigued, and when it matches your brand positioning perfectly it can be harmonious.

So, with the dawn of the new website and the excitement of the office move, us Bravers decided to spruce up our marketing collateral and create some new studio rules. It’s all about brand for ourselves so we felt it was right to create an eclectic group of That’s Brave branded stickers based around brands we’ve grown up with, adored and followed. From Batman to Milton Glaser, we re-created, illustrated and drew upon some pretty well known logos and put our Brave stamp on them.

You may have noticed our stickers here, there and everywhere. Some have even made it onto the office stationary and some have appeared in a few, rather unusual places… Overall they have been a great way to communicate what we believe in, taking the bold and brave and putting your creative spark into anything dull.

The stickers have come in hand with an agency push to get our brand process and thinking out in the open. We believe some of the best ideas come when you least expect them and the story of how you got there is as important as the idea itself. After all, some of the unbeatable and wildest ideas in the world have come from a scribble on the back of a napkin – or as we like to think, the back of a beer mat.

If you spot a That’s Brave sticker or even come across a beer mat while down your local, please do let us know, we expect to get some reverb on social media.

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